Separation Agreements Raleigh

A successful negotiation in Raleigh NC between the attorneys of divorcing spouses often ends with the signing of a settlement agreement called a Separation Agreement and Property Settlement (“SAPS”). These binding contracts typically contain all of the settlement terms which the parties must follow as they move forward in their new, separate lives.

Areas covered normally include (1) the division of marital property and debt; (2) the custodial arrangement related to the minor children; (3) the child support and spousal support obligations of each party; and (4) other specific terms agreed upon by the parties.

A SAPS is, with certain exceptions involving children, not modifiable absent mutual agreement of the parties, and it becomes binding and enforceable once signed and remains binding despite a subsequent absolute divorce. Chris has many years of experience negotiating and drafting these agreements on behalf of clients in Raleigh. 

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