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Disputes usually arise when relationships end in Raleigh NC. Consequently, the involved parties may develop feelings of anger, hurt, anxiety, stress, and guilt. While this is understandable, it gets in the way of proper communication. As a result, mutual agreements become difficult to reach, and both parties end up disappointed. Fortunately, you can hire a mediator in Raleigh to help settle your family law case.

Eatmon Law Firm focuses on family law, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our certified family financial mediator privately settles cases without the stress, expense, and unpredictability of litigation. From facilitating discussions to exploring options, we work hard to meet our clients’ needs. When in need of a mediator, Raleigh residents can rely on us.

What Is a Mediator in Raleigh?

Mediation is an ADR process in which couples who plan to separate or divorce hire a neutral third party to assist them in reaching a settlement. That party is called a mediator in Raleigh. Unlike lawyers who frequently tell clients what to do, a mediator in Raleigh guides clients but leaves the decision-making to them. Additionally, a mediator in Raleigh facilitates rather than directs the search for creative options that benefit both parties.

A mediator in Raleigh may meet with his or her clients in an office or other mutually agreed-upon locations. The process does not go to court, and there is no judge to decide who “wins” in the end. By hiring a mediator in Raleigh, parties do not have to rely on legal judgment. They can also keep the dispute between them.

Because lawsuits are not required in the mediation process, the parties may or may not be represented by lawyers. Typically, attorneys are not involved in this form of ADR, and the involved parties represent themselves.

Why Hire a Mediator in Raleigh

Hiring a mediator in Raleigh keeps the dispute confidential.

If you bring your case to court, it will be a matter of public record. Meanwhile, a mediator in Raleigh will keep all information related to the dispute confidential while providing many beneficial services.

Hiring a mediator in Raleigh may cost less than working with a lawyer.

You may have to pay for attorney fees and other costs in the litigation process. On the other hand, a mediation case requires you to cover the fees of only one professional: the mediator in Raleigh. Additionally, the hourly rate of a mediator in Raleigh is generally lower than that of a lawyer.

Hiring a mediator in Raleigh can solve the conflict faster than filing a lawsuit.

Court cases may take years before resulting in legal judgment. If you work with a mediator in Raleigh, the dispute can be resolved in days, weeks, or months at most. A mediator in Raleigh can also work with a timetable that is convenient for the parties involved.

Hiring a mediator in Raleigh promotes direct communication between the involved parties.

In the litigation process, lawyers represent and speak for the parties in dispute. Working with a mediator in Raleigh allows members of the failed marriage to communicate with each other directly.

A Mediator in Raleigh offers the following services including:

A mediator in Raleigh arranges the meetings of the involved parties.

To start the mediation process, a mediator in Raleigh contacts the couple and schedules sessions with them.

A mediator in Raleigh educates the involved parties.

The information provided by a mediator in Raleigh may include resolution alternatives, acceptable options, and court standards in an effort to resolve the case.

A mediator in Raleigh may translate.

For more effective communication, a mediator may rephrase statements so that they will be better understood.

A mediator in Raleigh questions and clarifies.

To ensure mutual understanding between the involved parties, a mediator probes issues and provides clarifications.

Resolve Family Disputes With Eatmon Law Firm

Handling a failed relationship is tough. However, you do not have to do it alone. Eatmon Law Firm can help you settle family legal issues without the need for lengthy court battles. Call us today! To learn about our mediator, visit our website.

The Great Mind Behind Eatmon Law Firm

Prior to working in the legal industry, Christine S. Eatmon was a part of the Marine Corps and served on active duty at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina. Her path to becoming an attorney-at-law began in 1991. Ms. Eatmon was introduced to the legal industry at Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP in Raleigh. She began as a legal assistant, and eventually became a paralegal, in the firm’s family law section.

In 2005, Ms. Eatmon graduated from Campbell University with a degree in law. Not long after, she became an associate in Wyrwick Robbins’ family law section. Over the past years, she has written several family law-related manuscripts.

In 2009, Ms. Eatmon eventually established her own practice, Eatmon Law Firm, in Wake Forest. She is a DRC-certified family financial mediator, NC board-certified family law specialist, and parenting coordinator in serious conflict custody cases.

Who We Are

Eatmon Law Firm is dedicated to working on clients’ cases with precision, efficiency, and professionalism. We primarily handle cases concerning family law. Under our founder’s leadership, we offer outstanding legal services.

Practice Areas

Our specializations in family law include the following services:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Divorcing spouses have the option to settle matters outside of court. Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are types of alternative dispute resolution that allow spouses to reach an agreement without going to litigation. We can help you determine which of these forms of ADR are suitable for your situation.

Separation Agreements

When a couple goes through a divorce, they need to reach an agreement on certain matters, including property distribution and financial support. The spouses’ lawyers can negotiate the demands of their clients. After a successful negotiation, the two parties are likely to sign a settlement agreement called the separation agreement and property settlement (SAPS). The divorcing spouses must follow all the settlement terms written in the contract.

Child Custody and Child Support

Legal and physical custody as well as financial support of child are the most common issues divorcing couples encounter in relation to their children. At Eatmon Law Firm, we understand what is at stake when children are involved. We do our best to achieve the best outcome for your family.

Alimony and Post-Separation Support

Eatmon Law Firm can assist clients who believe that they are entitled to financial support from their spouse. If a client is given the right to receive alimony, an analysis of the spending he or she has done in a year or so prior to the separation will be conducted. This will determine the amount and duration of time the other party is obligated to provide financial support.

Equitable Distribution

Settling the division of assets and acquired debt is a priority during a divorce. Although there are some cases where one party believes the division should not be equal, it is possible for divorcing spouses to reach an agreement that benefits both parties.

Absolute Divorce

When spouses file for absolute divorce, the court must be involved. Any substantive divorce-related concerns need to be resolved prior to this legal procedure. The two parties will no longer be bonded in matrimony once the judge has signed the document.

Domestic Violence and Civil No-Contact Orders

Eatmon Law Firm helps victims of violence and abuse file restraining orders against their aggressors. A domestic violence protective order (50B order) keeps an individual protected from a person they have or had a personal relationship with. On the other hand, a civil no-contact order (50C order) grants someone protection from nonconsensual sexual conduct and stalking from someone with whom they do not share an intimate or familial relationship.

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At Eatmon Law Firm, we commit ourselves to providing our clients with compelling and practical legal advice. We will work hard to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. If you are interested in obtaining our professional and experienced services, reach out to us.  To schedule your initial consultation, please fill out the online request form. We look forward to working with you.

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