Mediation in Wakefield

Mediation Resolves Disputes

Mediation in Wakefield Subdivision is a very common and cost-effective way to resolve disputed issues arising out of a failed marriage. As an experienced certified Family Financial Mediator, Chris is well aware of the benefits of settling a family law case privately, without the stress, expense, and unpredictability of litigation. Chris regularly guides her own clients through the mediation process and is often asked by other family lawyers to serve as the mediator in their cases.

Mediation is a settlement option in which the parties to a dispute hire a neutral mediator to assist them in voluntarily resolving their dispute. It is not necessary for a lawsuit to be filed in order to participate in mediation. The parties meet in separate rooms at the mediator’s office or other mutually agreeable location. They may or may not be represented by lawyers. An attorney cannot represent you and also act as a mediator. For this reason, it is important that you advise our office that you would like Ms. Eatmon to act as a neutral family law mediator, rather than as your lawyer, before you set a consultation to discuss your case. 

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